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Arctic Enduro

At the end of March 2012 after months of preparation, Lee Pendleton set out on a challenging voyage through the Arctic to raise awareness for “Live to Give”.  On a trip which took him through Norway, Finland and Russia, Lee travelled by sled & huskies and snowmobile through some of the most hostile conditions on the planet, tried his hand at ice fishing and learnt about the area’s culture and traditions.
Upon his return from the far north, we asked Lee what the highlights of his trip were-and here they are!
Both the most challenging and most rewarding part of the trip was enduring the bitter cold at the northernmost point of Norway on the border with Russia, it sometimes reached -55 degrees!
The icy conditions were a small price to pay for seeing the amazing northern lights not once but twice! 
Another inspiring experience was meeting a Shaman and being awestruck at the knowledge and power this individual possessed.
Travelling across frozen lakes and over mountains was a highly spiritual and contemplative experience-Lee feels privileged to have been able to visit this absolutely spectacular part of the world.
Lee met the local Samu people and sampled the local food that includes Reindeer blood pancakes!  It was fascinating to learn about their daily rituals and their closeness to nature was food for thought.
Throughout his journey Lee was accompanied by other individuals and groups supporting a range of charities.  As they shared a common goal and passion for their causes, travelling together was a fulfilling and highly positive experience, and they were all delighted to be raising awareness for their causes in such a stunning and remote part of the world!
After a humbling two weeks of hard work at high latitude, nothing gave him greater pleasure than getting home and having a long hot bath!